Krupuk – Indonesian crackers

Krupuk or Kerupuk crackers are widely consumed in Indonesia as a snack or accompaniment to main dishes. They are also enjoyed in Malaysia.

Krupuk ingredients are tapioca starch from the cassava root, prawns (udang), or fish (ikan), seafood, vegetable (sayur), onion (bawang) and water. The ingredients are mixed to form a dough, rolled out, steamed and sliced. They are sun-dried to remove the moisture. The krupuk are fried at home in a wok with very hot oil. They expand in few seconds into a light crispy cracker.

Krupuk 2
Krupuk 3
Krupuk 5
Krupuk 6
Krupuk 1
Krupuk 7
Krupuk 8
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