Measuring baking profiles

In order to monitor actual baking temperatures, a thermal data logger is used. These units are slim and will pass through the oven carried on the oven band.

ThermaPro pic




        ThermaPro Data Logger



Data loggers are available with multi channels, usually 6-8 for biscuit oven applications. Each channel has a thermocouple sensor which is attached to a bar spanning the width of the oven band. In this way the baking temperature is monitored and recorded at multiple positions across the width of the oven.

Data loggers such as the TCK2000, which is made in China, monitor and record baking temperatures. A TCK system comprises the following: the data logger or profiler unit with 3 up to 9 channels within an insulated box, thermocouples with high temperature connections, all accessories, and software to run on a PC. This unit is a convenient way to monitor oven performance, detect problem areas in the oven which may cause poor structure, colour, moisture level, etc.


TCK 1-2



         TCK 9 channel data logger to monitor and record baking temperatures



Our main baking control in most ovens (direct gas fired, indirect radiant and convection ovens) is by temperature. We set zone temperatures to match the required baking profile and control the heat input from the burners to maintain the set baking temperatures. Monitoring the baking temperatures through the oven and across the width of the oven band is therefore a valuable guide to the performance of the oven and a good starting point for trouble shooting problems such as uneven colour, moisture content…..

More sophisticated data loggers, such as ThermaPro, pictured above, monitor and record heat flux, which indicates heat transfer by radiation, conduction and convection.

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