Oven band cleaning

Wire mesh oven band cleaning

Oven band cleaning is critical to the quality of the biscuit and the oven performance. We strongly recommend a band cleaner which operates all the time during baking, ensuring that there is no build-up of carbon, which is difficult to remove.

The Baker Pacific oven band cleaner consists of two independent driven wire brushes for cleaning both sides of the band. The unit is designed for a continuous, gentle cleaning action to maintain the band in good condition.  The top wire brush, driven by a fixed speed motor gearbox cleans the inside of the oven band. The lower wire brush unit cleans the outside of the oven band. It is mounted on a trolley for removal to the side of the oven. Guide rails are provided for the trolley with stops and locking handle. The brush is raised or lowered to the working position by a lever and the brush pressure is adjustable.

Band cleaner

Baker Pacific oven band cleaner manufactured in China

Maintaining a clean band is important, particularly when baking products with sugar toppings, and preventing contamination is vital. When baking products with toppings a good system of recovery for surplus toppings is essential to prevent toppings dropping on the oven band. A long wire-mesh panning conveyor is recommended with a level transfer of the dough pieces to the oven band.  The panning web should an open mesh band (enrober wire-mesh) and be around 2 – 3m long. The end transfer roller or nosepiece is of small diameter to allow a level transfer of dough pieces to the oven band.

For wire mesh bands which have become dirty, some hard carbon deposits may be removed by heating the band to 400oC, when the hard carbon deposits will break and can be removed by the brushes. It is important that the band is heated evenly and only sufficient temperature to carbonise the debris is used. Uneven or excess heating will distort the band.

Soft deposits may removed by steam cleaning with an industrial cleaning fluid. Suitable drainage is required. After cleaning, the band should be dried and oil (soybean oil / coconut oil) applied to prevent rusting.

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