Go! potato

Cracker oven

Baker Pacific oven baking crackers by infrared radiation in China

Go!potato, a very thin, well made potato cracker by Siantar Top, Indonesia. The company, founded in 1988 has become a leading and innovative maker of snacks, biscuits and noodles with revenue of IDR 1.82tn.

Packs in and outer

The cracker is flat, approximately 1.36mm thick and of even colour.

Multi bisc pic

Ingredients: wheat flour, fresh potato, sugar, vegetable shortening and oil, glucose, soya lecithin, MSG, protease, colour, tartrazine CI19140.

PT Siantar Top Tbk,

Jl. Tambak Sawah 21-23, Waru,

Sidoarjo 61258


Go face bite!

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