Key components – Bearings

Our key components file lists over 50 key components for biscuit oven construction. These components have all been used and proven and are recommended by Baker Pacific. The file for each component provides a picture, specifications and manufacturer’s details.

  1. Bearings
  2. Burners
  3. Clamping elements, chains, sprockets…….
  4. Control handles
  5. Electrical equipment
  6. Electric cable and trunking
  7. Electric sensor and monitoring equipment
  8. Fans and Blowers
  9. Gas equipment
  10. Insulation and seals
  11. Oven bands
  12. Pneumatic equipment
  13. Painting and coatings
  14. Pressure Switches
  15. PLC equipment
  16. Motors and gearboxes
  17. Motors – DC
  18. Radiant tubes
  19. Refractory
  20. Thermocouples
  21. Temperature controllers
  22. UPS

The complete Key Components file is available for USD 85.00 and may be ordered at our Contacts page.

Our first key component file is “Bearings” for high temperature applications and linear bearings for slides for the oven band tension arrangement.



SKF High temperature bearings for oven band support rollers

SKF bearing

Bearing assembly with SKF bearing type Y – V228 suitable for operating temperatures up to 350oC

SKF heavy duty bearing assembly for oven end drums

Delvy end SKF bearing


Delivery end drum SKF bearing assembly


Bearing housing                  SKF SNL 522-619

Bearing                                  SKF 22222EK

Adaptor sleeve                     SKF H322

Fixing ring                             SKF FRB 135/200

Seals                                      SKF TSN 522L

High Visc. Grease                SKF LGEV2

Assembly instructions         SKF 4403/III E

Linear Motion Ball Rail Systems

THK caged ball LM bearings

THK 1+2

THK SHS caged ball bearing linear slide supporting the tension end drum bearing

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexworth


  Bosch Rexroth ball rail system supporting tension end drum bearing



Bosch linear rail


 NSK / RPH bearings

 Download “The ABC of Bearings” and Catalogue at:



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