Key components – burners


Our key components file lists over 50 key components for biscuit oven construction. These components have all been used and proven and are recommended by Baker Pacific. The file for each component provides a picture, specifications and manufacturer’s details.

  1. Bearings
  2. Burners
  3. Clamping elements, chains, sprockets…….
  4. Control handles
  5. Electrical equipment
  6. Electric cable and trunking
  7. Electric sensor and monitoring equipment
  8. Fans and Blowers
  9. Gas equipment
  10. Insulation and seals
  11. Oven bands
  12. Pneumatic equipment
  13. Painting and coatings
  14. Pressure Switches
  15. PLC equipment
  16. Motors and gearboxes
  17. Motors – DC
  18. Radiant tubes
  19. Refractory
  20. Thermocouples
  21. Temperature controllers
  22. UPS

The complete Key Components file is available for USD 85.00 and may be ordered at our Contacts page.

Our second key component file includes oven burners for Direct Gas Fired ovens and burners for Indirect Fired ovens.




MFB burners (metal-fibre burners)

Eratec 1


Eratec high rate infra-red ribbon burners for Direct Gas Fired Ovens

  • Direct heat transfer by radiation (without contact and air movement)
  • High radiant power density 100 – 1000KW/m2
  • Precise control and power modulation
  • Energy consumption savings compared to conventional Direct Gas Fired Burners (up to 20% saving depending on the oven and number of burners)
  • Low pollution (up to 80% less CO and NOX)
  • Safe for people and equipment (no burn back)
  • Low maintenance

Flynn Burners

 Flynn 1


Flynn Direct Gas Fired Burner installation




Flynn distributor

 Maxon burners


Maxon dual fuel installation

Natural Gas Low Temp Burners

OVENPAK® 400 Series

MAXON’s OVENPAK® 400 Series is the world’s most flexible and reliable industrial burner. The OVENPAK® burns most any fuel gas and requires only low pressure fuel. This natural gas burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels while providing unmatched turndown.

OVENPAK® Gas Burners provide outstanding performance in ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, paper and textile machines, food baking ovens, coffee roasters, grain dryers, and fume incinerators.


Mont Selas


Enviro Mont™ Burner

Mont Selas in conjunction with RMR Thermal Solutions have developed an Expanded Nitmesh Tube Firing Burner (patent pending) for use in tunnel baking ovens to replace the old industry standard ribbon burner, to achieve typical gas savings up to 25% *.


Nitmesh is a woven metal fibre and is welded over the slot in the burner tube, it is well proven technology and has excellent flame retention properties and reduces the risk of flash back.

The Expanded Nitmesh burner can be supplied in 1¼”, 1½” and 2” sizes as direct replacements for existing ribbon burners with nominal ratings from 4kW to 44kW.

Burners are designed to work on natural gas or LPG on air blast, high pressure and atmospheric pre-mix systems and will operate with an air turn down ration of up to 8:1 (dependent on flame sensing safeguard limitations).

The improved efficiency of Nitmesh comes from the extra radiant heat provided by the hot surface of the Nitmesh material which can become incandescent, as opposed to the gas flame on a ribbon burner which provides only a limited amount of radiant heat due to its low emissivity. Most of the heat from a ribbon burner is provided by natural convection heating the oven roof area above the burner which then re-radiates the heat back to the product on the conveyor. For bottom burners the base of the conveyor will be heated by natural convection plus the additional radiant heat provided by the incandescent surface of the Nitmesh.

Burners supplied in varying lengths and sizes to suit your individual requirements.

We can also offer a comprehensive site installation service, and oven profiling, following installation to further improve on the operational efficiency of the oven and reduction of your carbon emissions. For further information and site visit to determine requirements please contact our Chadderton office.

*Subject to operational conditions.

Mont Selas





Weishaupt natural gas burner installation on an Indirect Radiant oven


  • Exemplary efficiency: The digital combustion management system ensures that only exactly the amount of energy is consumed that is needed at the time.
  • Excellent emission levels: Weishaupt Low NOx technology (standard for gas burners, optional for oil burners) is exemplary in reducing emissions with special mixing assemblies for intensive flue gas recirculation
  • Sophisticated technology: All W range burners work fully automatically. Powerful microprocessors continuously control and monitor the combustion process for maximum efficiency.
  • Silent operation: The transversely mounted fan draws air through a sound attenuated inlet.
  • Versatility: The W range offers oil and gas burners in five ratings from 12 kW to 570 kW.
  • Long life: More than 50 years of experience and development work have gone into Weishaupt burner technology. Only the best materials are used in manufacture

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