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All our caramels have  a long shelf life at ambient temperatures, stable colour, flavour, texture and moisture content
Our recipes and process inhibit moisture migration from the caramel to the biscuit ………. so that the caramel stays soft and the biscuit stays crisp
The caramels are made with European technology with only the finest natural ingredients, compliant with Halal approval and without preservatives, artificial colours or flavours

Our Caramels

Button    Premium caramel

A rich, creamy, smooth caramel with intense flavour

Button    Economy caramel

An excellent low cost caramel for sandwich and chocolate coated products. Made with alternative vegetable fats and re-constituted milk

Button    Honey caramel

A new caramel with pure Indonesian honey

Button    Caramel syrup

A simple caramel made without dairy products; good flavour, smooth texture and long life

We provide process technology for making our range of caramels, including formulations, complete process details and technical support




For enquiries and more information contact

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 Baker Pacific Ltd. 3905 Two Exchange Square, Suite 7443, 8 Connaught Place, Hong Kong

Tel. +852 2522 1114   Fax.  +852 2521 1190

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