Burners for infrared baking


DGF oven burners use a “zero pressure” gas system. The burners ignite and burn a gas/air mixture. The gas is supplied to the gas/air mixer unit at nominally zero pressure. The air is supplied at a positive, controlled pressure. An increase in air pressure increases the flame and the heat input to the baking chamber. The gas may be natural gas, town gas (manufactured from coal), or LPG (liquid petroleum gas).

Gas train

Mains gas is supplied from a factory system to the oven where it is regulated by a “gas train”. This consists of the following equipment:

  • Manual shut off valve
  • Two – automatic shut off valves for safety the system
  • Gas filter
  • Zero pressure gas governor
  • Gas pressure high/low detection
  • Gas pressure gauges (2) at gas inlet and outlet of gas train
  • Gas valve tightness proving facility (to check for a leakage of gas)
  • Main gas pipes and gas distribution system

The gas is fed to header pipes running along each zone of the oven at the top and bottom. The headers are connected to each burner by flexible hoses and via a solenoid valve and gas/air mixer.



Gas train

Gas train

Combustion air

In each zone the air is fed to the air header pipes from an air blower mounted on top of the oven. The air is drawn from the bakery and is filtered. The air pressure for the burner system is controlled by motorized valves which are regulated by the automatic temperature control system or by a variable speed inverter drive for the fan.

Moro air blower for combustion air

Moro air blower for combustion air




 Eratec high rate infra-red ribbon burners for Direct Gas Fired Ovens

  • Direct heat transfer by radiation (without contact and air movement)
  • High radiant power density 100 – 1000KW/m2
  • Precise control and power modulation
  • Energy consumption savings compared to conventional Direct Gas Fired Burners (up to 20% saving depending on the oven and number of burners)
  • Low pollution (up to 80% less CO and NOX)
  • Safe for people and equipment (no burn back)
  • Low maintenance


Infra-red baking

Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired oven zones with Eratec MFB burners



Flynn pipe gas burner

Flynn pipe gas burner



Stainless steel corrugated  burner strip

Stainless steel corrugated burner strip


Flynn distributor burner for multi-flame control

Flynn distributor burner for multi-flame control



Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired oven with Flynn burners

Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired oven with Flynn burners





Each oven zone has one burner firing into a burner tube connected to a heat exchanger system. The hot air and burnt gas circulates in the heat exchanger and does not enter the baking chamber. Fuel may be gas or diesel oil. Burners may be specifies for either fuel or dual fuel.


Weishaupt burner on an Indirect Radiant oven

Technical description

The Weishaupt WG burner is a forced draught gas burner. For biscuit oven applications, the burner should always be a fully modulating type. The burner comprises the following features:

Combustion manager

  • Microprocessor control and monitoring of all burner functions
  • LCD display
  • Keypad operation
  • Data bus connection
  • Integrated valve proving of the solenoid valves
  • Flame sensor: Monitors the flame during operation. If a problem occurs, a safety lockout will operate
  • Double solenoid valve
  • Gas pressure governor. Controlled pressure is set by an adjusting screw
  • Air/gas ratio control provides optimization over control range
  • 2 solenoid (Class A) valves
  • Gas filter
  • Low gas pressure switch
  • Gas pressure switch for automatic valve proving
  • Air pressure switch: Loss of combustion air pressure activates a safety shut down
Weishaupt WG burner

Weishaupt WG burner





















Picture courtesy of Max Weishaupt GmbH


Weishaupt gas train

Weishaupt gas train




















Specification: Weishaupt burner WG30N/1-C ZM LN

(for 1.25m wide Indirect Radiant Oven) Version: modulating via 3 term switching and Buyer’s PID controller

  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Gas pressure: 30mbar
  • Rating capacity: 40-350kW
  • Electro motor: 1ph, 0.42kW, 230V, 50Hz
  • Combustion manager: Siemens Type W-FM20
  • Flame monitor
  • Continuous running fan
  • Gas valve train size 1”
  • Double Magnetic Valve (DMV)
  • Gas pressure switch
  • Gas pressure regulator assembly with safety valve
  • Gas pressure inlet: (max.) 2.5 bar
  • Gas pressure outlet: 20 mbar
  • Gas filter
  • Gas ball valve

Weishaupt burners- features:

  • The digital combustion management system ensures that only exactly the amount of energy is consumed that is needed at the time.
  • Weishaupt Low NOx technology (standard for gas burners, optional for oil burners) is exemplary in reducing emissions with special mixing assemblies for intensive flue gas recirculation
  • All W range burners work fully automatically. Powerful microprocessors continuously control and monitor the combustion process for maximum efficiency.
  • The transversely mounted fan draws air through a sound attenuated inlet.
  • The W range offers oil and gas burners in five ratings from 12 kW to 570 kW.
  • More than 50 years of experience and development work have gone into Weishaupt burner technology. Only the best materials are used.
Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant oven with Weishaupt burners

Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant oven with Weishaupt burners

www.weishaupt.co.uk      www.weishaupt.de





Maxon 5155SP dual fuel burner

Maxon 5155SP dual fuel burner




Specification for a 1.2m wide Indirect Radiant oven: Maxon OVENPAK 515 gas/oil burner

  • Maximum heat release: 1,250,000 Btu/hr (366kW)
  • Minimum heat release: 77,000 Btu/hr (22.5kW)
  • Oil pressure required: 60 psig (4.13 bar)
  • Natural gas pressure: 0 bar (to be reduced to 0.005 bar)
  • Compressed air required: 60 psig (4.13 bar)

Each burner is complete with:

  • Pilot adjustable orifice
  • UV sensor device
  • Dual type nozzle for oil/gas operation
  • Integral combustion air blower
  • Servo motor
  • Ignition transformer
  • Air pressure switch

Maxon Gas Trains

  • Gas strainer
  • Gas cock
  • Main gas regulator, size 1 ¼”
  • Pressure gauge for up stream (0-30psig)
  • Pressure gauge for down stream (0-15″ WG)
  • Low pressure switch (.5 – 4″ WG)
  • High pressure switch (5 – 28″ WG)
  • Maxon solenoid valve series 5000
  • Solenoid valve

Pilot gas train

  • Pilot regulator: high pressure regulator
  • Pilot solenoid: general purpose type
  • Pressure switch for pilot
  • Outlet pressure gauge
  • Locking ball valve

Oil pipe train

  • Oil filter, size 3/8″
  • Oil pressure regulator, size 3/8″
  • Low pressure switch
  • High pressure switch
  • Solenoid valve for burner
  • Locking ball valve
  • Fuel: diesel oil

Compressed air train

  • Air filter
  • Air pressure regulator
  • Air pressure switch for low air pressure
  • Solenoid valve for burner


                     Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant oven: 1.2m x 100m with Maxon dual fuel burners and Heat Recovery System



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