About Us

Baker Pacific is a team of professionals, each with more than 35 years of experience in the food industry with leading biscuit, chocolate and confectionery and engineering companies. We have a wide range of skills, drawing on experience in marketing, production, research and development, project management, engineering and service. Our activities comprise industrial marketing studies in the biscuit, confectionery and beverage industries, product development and process technology for biscuits, cookies and crackers, wafer and chocolate and confectionery products, engineering services and the manufacture of baking ovens in Asia.

Our company, PT Baker Pacific Mandiri was registered in Indonesia in 2000, our office is in Bogor, West Java. This was followed by the establishment of Baker Pacific Ltd in Hong Kong in December 2004 to manage our growing business outside Indonesia. Our companies supply process and engineering technology, including the manufacture of baking ovens. The following are our main activities.


Baker Pacific supply complete process documentation to enable our customers to make new, international quality products. Projects cover biscuits, cookies, crackers, chocolate, wafer, caramel and a wide range of confectionery.

Engineering Technology

Baker Pacific carry out plant audits and the up-grade of existing biscuit production lines. The projects provide our customers with product quality and productivity improvements and with reduced operating costs.

Our recent projects include supplying:

  • New baking oven control and safety systems for existing ovens
  • Conversion of electric baking ovens to gas
  • Replacement of heat exchangers for Baker Perkins ovens
  • Supply and commissioning of high rate MFB burners – for baking with infra-red radiation

Manufacture of Biscuit Baking Ovens – baking with infra-red radiation

Baker Pacific design and manufacture a range of ovens for cookies, crackers and cake. Our ovens bake with infra-red radiation. Our design team is based in UK. Our manufacture is in China, India and Indonesia. The ovens are designed to achieve very high quality products, and high fuel efficiency. We have developed a radiant oven with heat recovery system which has achieved exceptional performance standards.

Industrial Market Studies

Baker Pacific have carried out market studies in China and Indonesia for biscuit, wafer, cake, bakery, beverage, chewing gum, etc. Our first- hand experience in these markets provides us with an exceptional insight and range of contacts to ensure the most valuable studies, each tailored to our client’s requirements. These studies provide extensive information for both potential investors and existing manufacturers. Studies include:

  • The industry: consumption, production, value, growth, key drivers, future trends
  • The manufacturers: product range, sales, employees, production capability, capacity, quality
  • The products: market share, prices, packaging, trends

Indonesian snacks

Over 150 snacks featured from:

beans, bread fruit, cassava, chicken, coconut, corn, emping, fish, fruit, meat, nuts, peas, potato, rice, sago, soya, tapioca, taro, wheat flour