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Technology Transfer

INDIRECT RADIANT OVENS Baker Pacific are the designers and builders of international quality Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Radiant ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 30 years originally with Baker Perkins Ltd. Baker Pacific combination oven Direct Gas Fired / Indirect Radiant Oven Indirect Radiant ovens bake with infrared radiation, […]

Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Production

  Author: Iain Davidson eBook ISBN: 9780128155806 Paperback ISBN: 9780128155790 Imprint: Academic Press Pages:  244   Published: July 2018         Key Features Covers the complete processed food production line, from raw materials to packaged product Shows, in detail, the process, production and packaging equipment for biscuits, cookies and   crackers with more than 200 […]

Direct Gas Fired Ovens

Baker Pacific are the designers of leading Direct Gas Fired biscuit ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 40 years, originally with Baker Perkins Ltd, UK.         Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens bake with infrared radiation, the best heat transfer to create excellent biscuit volume and texture     DGF […]

How to build a biscuit oven

Publishing date to be announced Description The book enables a small team to build high quality Direct Gas Fired ovens. The Baker Pacific team of five engineers have manufactured a range of ovens for biscuits, crackers, cookies and cake with local contractors in China, India and Indonesia. Our experience, technical information and drawings are now […]

Baking by infrared radiation

DIRECT GAS FIRED AND INDIRECT RADIANT OVENS        Baking by infrared radiation provides a stable penetrative heat transfer, baking the  product from the inside and creating excellent volume, texture and flavour      Suitable for all types of products except high rate crackers, particularly suitable for all snack crackers, soft dough biscuits and cookies and […]

Biscuit Baking Technology

PUBLISHED BY ACADEMIC PRESS 2016 An imprint of Elsevier DESCRIPTION Biscuit Baking Technology, Second Edition, is a reference book for senior managers and staff involved in industrial scale biscuit baking. It covers the biscuit industry process, ingredients, formulations, besides design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of the baking ovens. Written by an expert on the […]

Biscuit Process Guides

Baker Pacific’s portfolio of product specifications, formulations and process data is extensive. It includes a wide range of biscuits, cookies and crackers. Our comprehensive Product Process Guides are available for each listed biscuit at USD 85.00. Each manual has the following details to enable you to make an excellent product. CONTENTS OF A BAKER PACIFIC […]