Biscuits – the first and best snack foods, requiring no preparation and providing protein, energy and mineral and vitamin fortification. Baker Pacific provides complete process know how including recipes, ingredient specifications, processing data for mixing, forming and baking. We supply production equipment and manufacture baking ovens for all types of biscuits and cakes.

Baker Pacific provides expert process technology and recommends production equipment for a wide range of chocolate count lines with biscuit, wafer, cake and cereals, filled with cream, caramel and coconut; also chocolate processing for both cocoa butter and compound chocolates, and textured chocolate.

Process technology for gums, pastilles and traditional hard candies, medicated sweets, fondants for starch and starless moulds, and panned products.

Baker Pacific has valuable caramel technology, producing caramels for inclusion in biscuit, wafer and wafel products. Our caramels avoid moisture migration from the caramel to the biscuit ensuring the caramel stays soft and the biscuit stays crisp. The Caramel Kitchen range includes caramels for coating, sandwiching, liquid caramel, with a variety of flavours.