Oven Efficiency

Heat Recovery System

All gas burners draw in a large amount of air for combustion. 1.0 m3 of gas requires 3.0 m3 of oxygen (approximately 15 m3 of air) for complete combustion. This air is exhausted through the extraction system of a DGF oven and through the natural draught burner flue of an indirect oven.

The hot air and burnt gas in the burner flues of an Indirect Radiant oven is at high temperature, typically over 200oC and this hot air can be recovered and used for baking in a Heat Recovery System.

The hot air can be diverted from the flues to a collection pipe running along the top of the oven. The hot air is drawn down the length of the oven by a fan which blows the hot air into a final radiant zone. This zone does not require a burner and is heated by radiant ducts above and below the band.

Oven Efficiency with Heat Recovery System

Independent tests were carried out on 3 ovens in the same factory producing identical rotary moulded biscuits with the same baking time. The tests measured the oven efficiency by calculating the energy usage (gas) in kWh (kilowatt hours) to produce one kilo of baked biscuit.

Oven efficiency table

The Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant oven was 18% more efficient than the DGF/cyclotherm oven and 6% more efficient than the DGF/convection oven. The savings in gas consumption per 8 hour shift (23 tonnes of biscuits) are approximately 212 m3 of gas compared to the DGF/cyclotherm oven and 62 m3 compared to the DGF/convection oven.

Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant Oven with Heat Recovery System

The Heat Recovery System may typically reduce the fuel consumption of the oven by 15%. The system reduces both the capital cost of the oven and the operating costs.

Heat Recovery System applications

The Heat Recovery System can be installed on existing indirect fired ovens. We can advise on its application to your oven. Please send us details as follows:

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